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MISSION: increasing the utlisation of wargaming

Wargaming provides a proven method that enables us to stay in control, and do so easily, with less effort. Wargames offer a tool that enables and empowers to easily deal with the most complex issues. It provides easy acces to information we need when we need it. They enhance our ability to see and understand events we are confronted with and ensures that we are easily able to handle the most dynamic and complex situations. You see, complexity doe not exist.
What we do

To profit from wargamings potential it must be applied. In turn this requires a least an awaress of its potential and a willingness to employ them. We want to raise the level of awarness of its potential in the Netherlands. And we want to increase the willingness to apply wargaming.

A lot is is known about wargaming, both from practical experience and from functional analysis.  From this body of knowlegde we know that the application of wargames, will improve the economic prospects of buisness, will raise the efficiency of governance and will multiply the skill levels of our students.
For Whome

Well, everybody with an interest in wargaming. At the moment we are mainly focused on wargaming in the Netherlands. The reason is simple, discussions in ones native language are far more easier than in a language that is foreign. In other words we want to lower the bar, facilitating participation.

Still, we are fully aware that the Netherlands is just one locality where interes in wargaming is growing. In fact, our initiative is the result of meeting like minded professionals at Connections UK and from discussions in the dedicated wargaming email list Milgames.

We will continue to engage with others, that is with you dear reader. And we will bring our national users along. At least we will raise their awareness about your existence, you experience and expertise.

We welcome your input!
A reconnasance in force ....
to the Wargame Winery!

The first Connection NL had been held in October. It was a small meeting, yet also a successful one. It was suitably held in an old fortification near Bussum, Utrecht.

We used the wine tasting winery as the format for our meeting as a means  of practicing what we preach; and put the focus on the experience of the participant.
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Connections NL 2015
Key-Note Speaker Dr Peter Perla, talks on wargaming in business, engaging wargames being played and diving deep into the art and science of wargaming.
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Pre-Connections NL2014
We live in a complex word, where events are interwoven and change is fundamental fact of live. To stay in ccontrol we must have quick relfexes in decison making. To stay alive we need to see the whole of the inter-related events. Decision making techniques and aids used today are no longer sufficient.

Connections NL 2015
Key-note Speaker Matthew Caffrey

Venue Fort Altena
September 12 2016
Fort Altena
Over de strategische voordelen van (business) wargaming & crisis simulaties voor leiders, bestuurders, docenten en onderzoekers

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